Follow these steps to join Longrich in UK

To register as a Longrich  member in the UK,  the various entry levels are shown below. You get products that you need  in exchange for your money and you automatically become a member. Registration is free! 
STEP 1: From the options below, decide the entry-level that you want 

  • VIP – 1680 pvs (£2300) You earn 1% share of global sales + 12% weekly bonus
  • PLATINUM – 720 pvs (£990) to earn at 12% weekly bonus
  • GOLD – 240 pvs ( £330) to earn at 10% weekly bonus
  • SILVER – 120 pvs ( £165) to earn at 8% weekly bonus
  • Q-SILVER – 60 pvs (£80 ) to earn at 8% weekly bonus
STEP 2: Fill the online registration form.Registration is free
STEP 3: Select products of your choice 
You only pay for the products you select. If you are interested in being a part of this amazing company please click below button to Register Now  or please feel free to contact me on Whatsapp 07312103354 and I will support you through the process.
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