Longrich Alkaline Cup(45 PV)

Longrich Alkaline Cup

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Longrich Alkaline Cup, Pi Cup Water Alkalizer Energy Anti Oxidant Cup


About this item

  • Transforms tap water instantly into fresh alkaline water.
  • Filters contaminants, bad tastes, and odors.
  •  Boosts water with minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants.
  • Saves money, water, and wasteful bottles.
  • Purifies water you drink and converts it to alkaline.
  • Emulsifies fat and enhances weight loss.
  • Reduces blood cholesterol.
  • Energizes; suitable for athletes.
  • Eliminates excess free radicals within the body.
  • Enhances oxidation resistance and delays the aging process.
  • Enhances immunity, prevents diseases and protects the liver.
  • It clears drunk no matter how much u drink.
  • It clears smoke and prevents cancer.

Legal Disclaimer

Contains detachable and replaceable top and lower filter cartridges. The top filter cartridges generate micro molecules, mineral-infused, weak alkaline water. The lower filter cartridge eliminates residual chlorine and generates weak alkaline water with negative electric potential. The top filter cartridges are contained in the bottle cap which affects the larger bottle cap capacity; there is a higher activation efficiency and more effective alkalinity adjustment. Dual-cartridge construction prolongs the service life of the water bottle.

Weight 850 kg

Longrich Classy Style Alkaline Energy Cup



Package Dimensions

‎23.9cm x 14.8cm x 9.4 cm

Item Weight




Number of Filtration Stages

2 Stages


Alkaline Energy Cup

Number in Pack





Medical Grade Stainless Steel



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